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Business Progress Success

Prosper in this volatile market funding.

We place you at the centre of international networks to advance your strategic interests

Business Progress Success

Prosper in this volatile market funding.

We place you at the centre of international networks to advance your strategic interests

Members of a dedicated team are often chosen based on their expertise and specialization in relevant areas, ensuring that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the project's needs.

Companies providing IT services, software, or hardware support often offer 24/7 assistance to address technical issues promptly and ensure minimal downtime for their clients.

Quality service begins with a focus on understanding and meeting the specific needs and preferences of the customer. Customer satisfaction and delight are primary goals.



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BIS Group

BIS Certificate or Bright Inspection Services, established it with a core group of eminent NDT, Welding Inspection and Material testing professionals, Engineers and technologists with rich 15 plus years of experience with many industrial verticals. Operating from a well-equipped, ultramodern purpose built Material Testing laboratory, NDT inspection facilities, state of art inspection and testing equipment’s, modern training Centre.

The BIS Certificate career Guidance team supports your professional development by identifying the personnel certification and vocational education pathways that enable you to become recognized in the competitive job market and we also help people help shape careers for right candidates.


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NDT Inspections

BIS GROUP accepts all challenges in ultrasonic inspection of components using conventional and advanced ultrasonic technique. In most common UT applications, very short ultrasonic pulse-waves with center frequencies ranging from 0.1-15 MHz, and occasionally up to 50 MHz, are transmitted into materials to detect internal flaws or to characterize materials. Ultrasonic testing is often performed on steel and other metals and alloys, though it can also be used on concrete, wood and composites, albeit with less resolution. It is used in many industries including steel and aluminium construction, metallurgy, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and other transportation sectors.

Valve Consultant

We have successfully served to Chemicals, Petrochemicals, and Fertilizers, Power plants Refineries, Atomic Energy Plant. product range of all major pressure class valves like Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves,Butterfly Valves,Flush Bottom Valve and Special Valves which are made from high quality cast carbon steel, alloys steel, stainless steel & super alloys material etc are been inspected

Manpower Consultant

At BISGroup Manpower Consultant, we specialize in providing strategic workforce solutions to help businesses meet their staffing needs and achieve their goals. Our experienced team is dedicated to connecting companies with the right talent and assisting job seekers in finding their ideal career opportunities. We offer end-to-end recruitment services to source, screen, and place qualified candidates in various industries and positions. Our flexible staffing solutions include temporary, contract, and permanent placements to accommodate your unique workforce needs.

Third Party Inspection

Since its inception in 2010, BRIGHT INSPECTION SERVICES has focused on third party inspection for valve testing and valve inspection of all kind of Industrial Valves. Over the years, BRIGHT INSPECTION SERVICES has acquired approvals from major valve manufacturing companies. BRIGHT INSPECTION SERVICES has maintained focus on 'Customer First' philosophy by delivering quality products, on-time deliveries, service and value to customers through inspection.

Tank & Pipeline Inspection

Determination of CMLs points in piping isometric sketches based on the potential for general or localized corrosion and service specific damage mechanisms Determination of piping service class based consequence of failure and instruction stated in API 570 or based on the Risk Based Inspection method. Carry out external inspection for corrosion, leaks, previous temporary repairs, clamps, coating breakdown, insulation damage, vibration, misalignment, pipe support deterioration specifically in touch points and to air to soil interface, pipe hanger distortion or breakage and frizz damage


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Working with BISGroup Manpower Consultant for NDT inspections has been a great experience. Their NDT team is highly skilled and thorough. They helped us identify and resolve potential issues before they became major problems, saving us time and money.

Vinoth kumar


BISGroup's valve consultants were instrumental in optimizing our valve systems. They provided expert guidance in selecting the right valves for our needs, which significantly improved our operations. We appreciate their dedication to ensuring our valve systems are efficient and reliable.



BISGroup's third-party inspection services have been a game-changer for our quality control. Their impartial assessments have helped us maintain the highest standards and compliance with industry regulations. Their thoroughness and attention to detail are truly commendable.



BISGroup's tank and pipeline inspection team has played a vital role in our maintenance and safety efforts. Their inspections are meticulous, and the recommendations they provide are practical and cost-effective. We trust their expertise to keep our operations running smoothly.